Communication Styles….

When doctors dictate, they’re usually just “statin’ the facts, ma’am….” It’s dry, boring, and to the point. When friends talk, it’s different. They share things that they wouldn’t normally tell a stranger, an acquaintance, or sometimes even some of their in-laws. 😉 When lawyers talk, it’s different, but in a different way. What you need to listen for when lawyers talk is what they *don’t* say! When enemies or frenemies start chatting, it just gets downright nutso. Thoughts?

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First Post from the Snarky Socratic Scribe

Hi there! I have fantasized about creating a blog for about a year now. A very wise niece of mine told me to only blog about something I was passionate about. Here goes…

Snarky = I’m sassy, irreverent, and I will call ’em like I see ’em… (with minimal use of instant replays!)
Socratic = If I think you’re wrong, I will respond to your statement with a question. If I think you’re right, I will also respond to your statement with a question, just to make sure that you know that you know what you’re talking about. 🙂 This is the method that Law Schools use to educate Law Students. It works quite well and encourages Informed and Independent Thought Processes.
Scribe = The person who formerly followed a doctor around and took notes on the exam,the findings, and what was discussed between the patient and the doctor. Formerly known as an Expert Witness, or a Medical Transcriptionist (aka…  Medical Language Specialist…  aka…  Medical Editor….)  Currently known as Outsourced, Offshored, Underemployed, and Underpaid…. but still workin’ from home, on her butt with a laptop…. 😉

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stating the obvious….

“He also sees the dermatologist for skin issues.”

Really? Who might he have seen instead? The urologist? The neurologist? The gastroenterologist? The psychiatrist? The pulmonologist?

Yup, feelin’ the snark tonight!

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